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Personal training

I am inspired to be your last ever PT working hard to show you that you never have to start again.

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Boot camps & classes

Work along side like minded people in our South Hill Park Boot Camp

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Online Training

Are you sick and tired of starting over again?

I can help you transform your body and your mindset so that you start for the last time


Tastes of Taurus

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About Shaun

If you are looking to get great long term results then I am your guy. With plenty of training years behind me and many years of competitive sports, I know what it takes to get the most out of your body.

I currently play semi-professional Ice Hockey alongside my training and that has really helped my coaching and motivational skills to pass over to my clients to get them the best results possible. 

We will work as a team on your training and nutrition to make sure both are effective and sustainable to avoid any yo-yoing.
There are many ways to train with me from one on ones, partner, boot camps and pay as you go classes, so if you are interested get in contact with me today to start your journey.

Personal Training in Bracknell | Start your fitness journey.


What my clients say

"I have worked on and off with Shaun for several years and I have always really enjoyed my workouts with him far more that attending the gym, and am far more successful! Recently I have started my training
again and have rapidly remembered how enjoyable exercise and having control of my fitness and diet can be when approval in the right way."


"I'm a member of the Taurus PT Transformation Platform and I highly
recommend to everyone! I am given guidance and support on all aspects of health and exercise, including mental wellbeing and motivation. I have toned up and lost weight in a pretty short space of time through cardio and strength-based workouts and a realistic
calorie goal that doesn't leave me feeling starving all the time! "       


"I have just finished Shaun's 30 day challenge and it was fab. I can't
recommend Shaun enough. He is innovative with his workouts, his recipes are incredible and the support he gives has been amazing. Although there hasnt been face to face PT it feels like there has been. I hadnt ever exercised much before this and I thought
my diet was ok but Shaun has taught me so much and really changed my mindset. I'm motivated to continue past the 30 day challenge and work with Shaun in the future. the best thing I did during Lockdown was this!"


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