Mentorship and Coaching

This 6 week course will teach you how to take back control of your life

Bespoke Accountability Course - £999

It’s an ever changing storm out there but I want to bring you right into the eye of it to see that you are 100% in control and can find peace amongst the chaos

Whether you need support in your body transformation or are an aspiring Person Trainer this course will ensure you’re on the right path to success

We will dig deep into the root of your problems and then start to build a strong foundation that will be extremely tough to break

This course is all about you and your goals and will ensure that you are set up long after the course finishes.

Via this 6 Week Course you will receive:

 • A Power Call every week with your intro call being 90 Minutes and the following 5 at 60 Minutes 
 • Full access to myself during the week via messenger
 • Full access to my successful website Grab The Bull where you can find a number of workouts, recipes, challenges and blogs to help you on your transformation
 • Free Power Lists book to stack up your daily wins

I know you are ready to win so let’s get started so we can put your pains to bed today

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I am so incredibly impressed by Shaun and Taurus personal training. I have been doing the online training program and there is so much support to be had! Shaun has been there throughout to support and advise. The support is fantastic. I have received video calls, phone calls, emails and text messages. Never overbearing and always more if I needed it. Shaun must work so ridiculously hard to provide this level of care and support to all his clients. Even after a rough month personally I managed to lose 4lb. I'm beyond impressed with the whole experience! Highly recommend!!!

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Results based personal training, delivered!.

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  3. Let's go: You never fail until you stop trying'

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